No Protection for Women

Recently, a woman in Florida was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband. The woman was attempting to escape a brutal beating from her husband, of whom she had already taken out a protective order on, whenever she fired warning shots inside her home. The woman was offered a plea bargain right after the incident, which offered her a three year prison sentence. She felt at that time that she had not done anything wrong and decided not to take the plea bargain. She was then tried for attempted murder of her husband; she was found guilty, and under Florida law she received the minimum, mandatory sentence of 20 years. The woman had never been in trouble with the law before; however the law does not allow for extenuating or mitigating factors, so the judge had no choice but to give her the minimum 20-year sentence.  There is a “Stand Your Ground” statute in Florida which she appealed under, that defends people who are acting in self defense immediately, as she states she was. The judged denied her appeal. Clearly, this is a controversial case that has also drawn much support from domestic and female abuse advocates.

Obviously, we did not hear all the evidence handed out in court, but based on the article, it seems that this women is being unfairly charged. There should be no question in domestic abuse cases like this one. When the motive is self defense, the people should be covered and protected under the law. She even had a protective order out against this man- this proves that he was dangerous and that she was scared of him. As well, she did not even kill the man. She was only convicted for firing shots insider her own home. She never even struck her husband. We should have more laws to protect women and children, especially in these types of situations.


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